Fan solutions

Fan solutions


Everyone has the right to a healthy working environment, and no one should be exposed to unnecessary risks!



Medical staff who come into daily contact with medical gases and medical smoke in their working environment are exposed to unnecessary risks. Medicvent specializes in gas evacuation and extraction – an effective evacuation directly at the point of leakage or source, which is important to minimize the risks of gas distribution in room air and exposing medical staff to unnecessary risks.

Medicvent offers several types of effective solutions, with consideration to requested purpose and performance. This includes everything from small mobile fan systems to large redundancy systems.

The central system may be used for delivery rooms, surgeries and also in other procedures where gas or medical smoke is in use, where multiple evacuation points may be connected.

The central system is located separately from the operating theatres, which eliminates noise, effectively leading nitrous oxide, anesthesia gases/medical smoke away from the room environment.

Medicvent’s  motor valve and manual valve are intended primarily for use together with Medicvent´s Central  . Its primary function is to regulate flow in suction outlets in the operating theatres and delivery rooms.

Medicvent’s fan system ensures that the highest amount of leaked nitrogen oxide is collected.

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