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A collection of our instructional videos and other video material.

Clean air in healthcare

What’s more important than the Air We Breathe?

-The quality of the working environment around us has a direct impact on our Health.

Guarantee a healthy working enviroment, with clean air for hospital staff!

Keep the air clean in healthcare

Demonstrates with or without Medicvents autostart

Evacuation of smoke for a safer operating theater

Surgical smoke is evacuated out of the room instead of filtering it back which results in significantly better air quality.
(ScienceDirect EJSO 35 (2009) 780-784)

The system is quieter than portable evacuation systems since it is installed outside the operating room.

There are no hoses or cables on the floor or in the way.

Delivery with Anevac F

A combined breathing and evacuation system for excess and leaking gas that is used during child birth (Anevac F). The system consists of a Double Mask with neckband or alternatively a chin mask, coaxial-breathing system with an expiration-valve, coupling block and a flow meter connected to a fan unit.

Anevac F is the solution to the complicated problem of evacuating both gases that may be leaking from the mask and gases expired by the patient.

The double mask effectively protects the health care staff. Thanks to its unique technology, the double mask captures a maximum amount of leaking nitrous oxide.

The gas is evacuated from the room by the Medicvent central fan system. Instead of being led out of the hospital and having an impact on the external environment, the nitrous oxide may be transported to Medicvent’s destructor, which converts it to normal air.

Demonstration why surgical smoke evacuation system

This video demonstrate why LAF roofs should be combined with Medicvent’s evacuation in laser and diathermy surgery.

Leakage-free working environment

Secure the working environment from dangerous nitrous oxide contamination!

In contrast to a single mask, the Double mask consists of both an inner and an outer mask. The column between the inner and outer masks provides efficient suction and elimination of leaking nitrous oxide.