About Medicvent

About Medicvent

The medical hazards to healthcare staff of continuously being exposed to harmful gases (e.g. anaesthetic gas, nitrous oxide and surgical smoke) are serious and well documented.

A working environment with clean air should be a given.

Medicvent has the solutions for a safe working place.

Medicvents mission is to develop, manufacture and promote a comprehensive range of products for the evacuation of air pollution mainly within the hospital care environment. The products are developed to secure the working environment for health care staff and improve the external environment.

Medicvent AB was founded in 1983 and since 1989 its activities have been based in Umeå. The starting point for Medicvent was the innovation of the patented Double mask that is used in hospitals in anesthesia and labour departments. It is used together with Medicvent’s fan systems.

Additional products and applications have followed, all aimed at protecting hospital staff and the external environment. The laser and surgical smoke evacuation, e.g, has been developed to in the best possible way evacuate the very bothersome gases which result from laser and diathermy surgery

Our products are available worldwide.

Medicvent AB is fully owned by Sdiptech AB since July 2015. Sdiptech is a Swedish technology group focusing on infrastructure that acquires and develops companies with a focus on creating more sustainable, efficient and safe societies.

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Medicvents quality management system (QMS) is ISO certified according to ISO13485:2016


Medicvent has highest credit rating

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