Nitrous oxide purification

Medicvent effectively stops the leakage of nitrous oxide – in the hospital department as well as to our external environment – by means of the Double mask, central fan system and nitrous oxide purification.


Medicvent assumes the entire responsibility, from the delivery room until the nitrous oxide has been destroyed and is evacuated from the hospital. In the delivery ward, the mother-to-be can inhale and exhale nitrous oxide with support of Medicvent’s Double mask, without leakage. During the delivery procedure, we recommend the use of the Double mask with neckband. The Double mask may be complemented by use of a chin mask for extra efficient evacuation.  Exhalation gas and surplus gas is evacuated through the column of the Double mask and removed from the ward by means of Medicvent’s central fan system. Instead of evacuating the gas directly from the hospital, it can be evacuated to a Destructor, an air purification system. The Medicvent’s Destructor disintegrates the nitrous oxide molecules and converts them to oxygen and nitrogen – in other words normal air.

Medicvent’s nitrous oxide destructor is adapted for the high flows which are used in the Double mask.  Medicvent’s effective central fan system ensures opportunities to capture the maximal amount of leaking nitrous oxide for purification.

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