PRODUCTS: Laser & Diathermy
The Laser and diathermy evacuation system has been developed for the optimum evacuation of troublesome gases resulting from laser and diathermy surgery.
Medicvent's diathermy / laser extractor has many clear advantages;
- gases are evacuated from the operating theatre
- No air disturbances in the operating theatre
- Low cost of filters
- Very quiet
The evacuation system consists of an easy replaceable sterile filter (main filter), evacuation tubes, a pre-filter, and different "heads" designed to get as close to the surgical site as possible. Evacuation takes place through a central evacuation system or with a fan unit. A novelty is Medicvent's on-/off vent which detects when the laser or diathermy knife is being used and automatically starts or stops the flow to the extractor.

For details, see the manual and system description.
There are also some video clips to see.