PRODUCTS: The Double Mask
The Double Mask system is used in connection with anesthesia to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment without leaking gases.
Gas leakage is often associated with mask anesthesia. Medicvent's Double Mask System eliminates exposure for personnel. When Medicvent's Double Mask is used it ensures a good working environment for staff. Users of the Double Mask confirm that after a day's work they feel much fresher than in the past.

The Double Mask consists of a hard outer mesh of translucent polysulfone and a soft inner mesh of translucent silicone. There is a space between the outer and inner mesh through which leaking gases are evacuated, passing through the housing connection and the evacuation hoses. The housing connection connects the Double Mask with the existing tube system (standard ISO taper).
For details, see the manual. There is also a video clip to see. 
Extra; Our agent in Canada, Canadian Medical Ventilation have publish a demonstration of our Double mask. Click here to see the Demo Double mask

PRODUKTS: The Larynx Set
The Larynx Set is used together with a Larynx mask in connection with anesthesia procedures to ensure a safe working environment without leaking gases.

Studies show that leakages occur when using a Larynx mask, especially in connection with assisted ventilation, but also with spontaneous breathing. To avoid this MedicVent has developed a Larynx Set that reduces staff exposure to leaking gas. A larynx cover is placed over the patient's face and the larynx mask's tube is connected to this. The resulting space keeps the patient's nose and mouth at a distance of about 3-4 cm.

The cover is available in different sizes and 2 models for Larynx masks with either single or dual channels. This means that almost all leaks are evacuated by the cover / evacuation system.