Medicvent is working to improve the air in conenection with autopsies. There is a significant safety problem where extractors are not functioning optimally or are missing. Diffusion of particles (solid particles and liquid splashes) and malodorous bone particles in connection with opening a skull is a problem. Moreover, these particles are a potential source of infection.
Experience from various industries today shows that local exhaust ventilation systems should be fully integrated with working tools in order to get really close and get as good a result as possible. 
Benefits of Patovac;
- 98% evacuation of loose particles
- Integrated exhaust with work gear 
- Sterile filter separates all particles
- The hoses can withstand autoclaving 
- Easy to clean
- Available with rotary or oscillating saw
- The installation can easily be made mobile or stationary
Studies conducted by the Swedish national working enviromental institute in Umeå shows that Patovac reduces dust by 98%, i.e., the amount of dust particles is 50 times greater if Patovac is not used. (source: Arbetsmiljöfonden summaries; Modeling for autopsy work postcode 89-0609 ventilation, 56).
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