PRODUCTS: Balsavac
The need to embalm bodies for sanitary reasons is increasing. This is done by means of formaldehyde, which can cause allergies and is probably a carcinogen. 
This makes management a health and safety problem! (Source Svd 20091029)

Medicvent is actively endeavouring to improve the working environment for employees. In the case of embalming, Medicvent provides a vacuum device that can be installed on an embalming mouthpiece. This will ensure that the extraction point is as close to the source of leakage as possible and effectively captures both vapour and liquid.

Balsavac consists of a stainless steel pressure vessel on wheels filled with embalming fluid which is pumped up by compressed air. Pressure is read on a pressure gauge. Appropriate filling pressure is adjusted in a stepless adjustable pressure reduction. During the course of work the pressure can be adjusted and thus adapted to the condition of the body in order to avoid unnecessary leakage.
For more information see the manual or please contact us at Medicvent.

For more information, please contact us at Medicvent.