Mission Statement 

Medicvents mission is to develop, manufacture and promote a comprehensive range of products for the scavenging of air pollution mainly within the hospital care environment. 
These products are aimed at improving the working environment for the clinicians and hospital staff involved with surgery and procedures that can create a polluted working atmosphere. 
Medicvent could also trade products to the hospital care environment. 
The Medicvent range is suitable for a worldwide market.


Quality and enviroment
  •  Our quality and environmental work shall always strive for continuous improvement based on clearly defined and focused targets. 
  •  We shall have a strong customer focus, and the range of products shall fulfil and exceed the demand of our clients needs.  Medicvents products will help contribute to an improved and safer working envronment. 
  •  We shall supply high quality products which will meet and exceed standards and regulations associated with their design, manufacture and distribution. 
  •  We shall use our resources effectively to secure high productivity and to minimize any effect on the environment. 
  •  Our company and products shall fulfil relevant needs, demands and expectations from Medicvents ownership through to our employees,industry and the society in general. 

2010-01-11 Lars Svensson CEO